These bright little babies came to life when I was trying to figure out what to do with all the jars and paper flowers that I had collected and made for my own wedding. I knew I wanted the flowers to be lit up from within the glass, but the only existing mason jar lights I could find had the battery packs fitted in the lids (which were solid aluminium), and I wanted to showcase the beauty of the clear glass lids on these 1940's era Crown Quart jars by letting the light shine out through the top as well.
What I love the most about re-purposing vintage glass is that every piece is different, and has its own character and imperfections from some 70+ years of use. These jars are the classic Canadian Crown label, all made in the 1930's and 40's - they have a beautiful shape and thickness that you just won't ever see again in modern jars.

FOR RENT: Each lantern is packed with 16 hand stamped and rolled paper flowers, which are then individually interwoven with a string of 20 warm white battery powered LED lights - the battery pack is the size of a loonie and thanks to my trusty diamond core drill, is easily accessible on the underside of the jar, so each one is a completely portable and stand-alone source of light that you can put absolutely anywhere. The lights are controlled by a switch on the battery pack, so you never have to fuss with the flowers or open the jar to change the batteries.
They come in solid white, or multi coloured blooms.
Currently I have available for rent:
White blooms - 50 jars (and counting)
These are quart sized jars, roughly 7"H x 3.5"D.

RENTAL COST: (includes batteries and delivery/pickup within GTA - events outside GTA will require renter to arrange pickup and return)

If renting less than 30 lanterns $12 per lantern

If renting 30 or more $10 per lantern

FOR SALE: We only carry a limited amount of lanterns for sale at any given time, so if you see something you like, grab it before someone else does! All items sold are one-of-a-kind and made by hand, so you can expect the imperfections of bubbling in the glass and patinas on the old zinc lids, which are what make them far more charming and unique! I am constantly sourcing new materials and inspiration and will post each new lantern as soon as they are completed. We sell both indoor (plug) lamps as well as the in/outdoor (battery) style.

If something you like has been sold, drop me an email and I will see if I have the materials to recreate it for you!

SHIPPING: Right now the online shop only shows shipping options for North America. I WILL ship Internationally but will have to get back to you on shipping costs for your particular country before you place your order.

Please feel free to contact me for more information if you are interested - the photos are taken in different lighting and colours are often difficult to capture!